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Doğtaş 40.Yıl


One of the most respected brands of the furniture sector of which it has been a member of for over 40 years Doğtaş makes things easier for you when you are trying to make a decision. Popular amongst different groups of population thanks to its dedication to high quality, commitment to perfect design, long warranty periods and happy consumer strategy Doğtaş reaches its consumers with wide range of products including furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and next generation’s rooms as well as accessories.

Offering different styles Doğtaş Collections come in four time saving categories which make choosing the right Doğtaş easier: Conformance, Modest Line, Trend Collection and Exclusive Design.

So all Doğtaş lovers around Turkey have to do is to find the category which is made for them and decide on the model which is perfect for them.


Conformance line products are best expressed with their modest, subtle and warm designs. Doğtaş Conformance line is consisted of models which answer to expectations of large groups of people. Gracefully conforming to many versatile spaces these products are also liked for their comfort, performance and practicality.

Offering quality and comfort for reasonable prices is another advantage of this category...


Well-aware of your expectations Doğtaş creates Modest Line models to meet them. Modest Line Category consists of several models with different color, accessories and module options to choose from as well as unique products with a subtle and chic design line. Thanks to their unique yet subtle style these models are not challenged with new trends for many years to come.


Trend Collection is the line for those who live to catch the day. This product line is also the choice of those who follow the trends and like to bring the latest fashion to their living areas. Products in this category are designed to be innovative, comfortable, user friendly and have a subtle style, before meeting the consumer.

Another highlight of the models belong to this category is the fact that they offer great versatility. Making a long story short, design with a personality meets furniture reflecting the modern lifestyle.


Re-examine those you call the best; you will see for yourself that Exclusive Design is truly better. The entire line of Exclusive Design products are designed for those who would like to discover the finesse in details, experience quality and unique design; and make their preference for privilege.

Each and every Exclusive Design product is manufactured diligently. Colors and patterns are chosen meticulously. So as a result: Every model has a unique voice, a different breath and unquestionable quality...

Every statement narrating Exclusive Design is a perfect reflection of an elite lifestyle...