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Designs of Doğtaş and Kelebek Mobilya will become popular from Dubai!

Doğtaş and Kelebek Mobilya, which are two important players of Turkish furniture sector, have attended Dubai 2014 Index(International Design Exhibition) organized in Dubai which is one of the most important trade centers in the world.

Doğtaş and Kelebek Mobilya, which exposed new collections in Dubai 2014 Index International Design Exhibition which is realized on date between 19th which is one of the most prestigious furniture fairs of the world, have drawn intense interest thanks to the special designs thereof. In the fair, İsmail Doğan, who is the Member of Management Board of Doğtaş Kelebek Mobilya, said that: “We successfully play a part with our Doğtaş and Kelebek stores in Dubai which is one of the most attractive and the most rapidly growing markets in the world. Our stores, our concept and our functional and modern designs have drawn intense interest of consumers. To play a part with our Doğtaş and Kelebek brands in Dubai Index International Design Exhibition, where the most famous brands of the world attend and which is arranged each year in Dubai where our collections are admired, is an indicator of our success in abroad. In Doğtaş, we increased our investments in abroad together with the Turquality support program which began in year 2008 and we continue setting up stores in abroad. Thanks to the Turquality support program and thanks to the vision provided by Turquality program to become a global brand, our investments in abroad will continue without stopping. We also have a strong aim to expand Kelebek Mobilya. We are making great strides for achieving this aim. With both of our brands, we will continue representing the modern line of Turkish furniture in the best manner.”

The new Doğtaş Exclusive store has been opened in Abu Dhabi

İsmail Doğan said that: “In Doğtaş which successfully represents the quality of Turkish furniture in various points of the world, totally 30 stores have been opened in April, where 12 of them have been opened in abroad and 18 of them have been opened in Turkey; and in Kelebek, 27 furniture stores and 18 kitchen sale points have been opened in Turkey. In Abu Dhabi, the new Doğtaş Exclusive store with store area of 600 m2 has been recently opened. We will expand Doğtaş and Kelebek stores both in domestic and in foreign markets, and our aim is to become sector leader with our two brands by year 2022 where we will celebrate our 50th year.”


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OPTIROOM "Freedom to create the room you dream of…"

Now, you can match furniture in any color and pattern you want with each other. Come to Doğtaş and create the combination that matches your taste with sofas, armchairs, poufs, TV units, bookcases and coffee tables in tens of colors, patterns, and designs that match each other. Design your own room yourself. This innovation we call Optiroom solutions await you in Doğtaş stores.


Doğtaş Family gets Larger

Completing 38 years in the sector, Doğtaş adds new ones to its 132 concept stores at home and 76 more abroad in 62 countries with its solutions raising the living standards, products conspicuous for their design and quality and innovative retailing understanding.



Most Successful Company in the UK Award

Celebrating its 41st year in the Turkish furniture industry, Doğtaş was chosen as the “Most Successful Company in the UK”, in the prestigious Most Successful Turk Awards, organized by Business Network (Turkish - British 
Business People Association), consolidating its pioneering status in the furniture industry.The Most Successful Turks Award Ceremony was held at Hilton Park Lane Hotel, on the evening of May 3rd, by Business Network, which aims to strengthen the relations between the UK and Turkey and to support mutual economic and social development.
Doğtaş Board Member, İsmail Doğan; the CEO of Doğtaş Exclusive's retailer in London, Açıl Group, Şükrü Açıl and the Director of Açıl Group, Veyis Açıl attended the ceremony, alongside the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ömer Çelik, and received the award on behalf of Doğtaş.

Doğtaş was awarded on the basis of the survey held to measure criteria such as product and company quality which may impact the company reputation, customer satisfaction, reliability, management quality and transparency, innovativeness, financial robustness and employee engagement.

The hot topic of discussion in the industry due to its investments, pioneering applications, specially designed products and innovative retail approach in recent years, Doğtaş has consolidated its status and success in the industry with the awards it has won. We would like to thank everyone involved for their contribution to our success and our brand.



 Awarded Doğtaş Commercials


2013 Doğtaş TV advertisements, which highlight Doğtaş’s design line, honored with two silver awards, in 25th Crystal Apple Turkey Advertisement Awards.Crystal Apple Advertisement Award Ceremony brings together the stakeholders of advertising, media, marketing and communication sectors. Our last two TV advertisements had assessed by 6 different teams of 92 experts, together with 2066 other applications. Two commercials of Doğtaş awarded with silver prizes in decoration category. We proved our distinguished position in the sector with this prestigious award.


 Doğtaş Among Turkey's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies!


The award winners in Turkey’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies Project, carried out with the support of the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) and sponsored by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and AllWorld Network, were announced at the 5th İzmir Economic Congress.

The growth rates for 2010-2012 were taken into consideration in the Turkey’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies Project, implemented with the objective to draw attention to Turkey's fastest growing companies on a global scale. Doğtaş Board Member, Doğan Türkmen received the award on behalf of Doğtaş, listed among Turkey's Top 100 fastest growing companies, thanks to its annual growth of %85.

Doğtaş Chairman and CEO, Davut Doğan: "The awards we receive are testament to our success"

Doğtaş Chairman and CEO, Davut Doğan said the following on the award: "The awards we receive are testament to our success. On its 41st anniversary, Doğtaş has become a brand we pride ourselves in. In addition to Doğtaş, we also have Kelebek, a major brand in the furniture industry which we are working towards transforming into a global brand. We are a family, in constant growth, becoming stronger each day. We went from strength to strength by purchasing Kelebek Mobilya this year, rising to second place in the industry as the furniture group." Established in Çanakkale, Biga, Doğtaş is on fast track to become an international brand, exporting to 65 countries and with more than 200 stores throughout Turkey and the world. Doğtaş has been a widely admired brand in the industry, with its significant investments in recent years, as well as its pioneering applications, specially designed products and innovative retail approach, consolidating its status and success in the industry with the awards it has won.


DOĞTAŞ opens new Exclusive store in North Cyprus

Making a difference with its Exclusive merchandising approach, the admired brand of the industry, Doğtaş launched its new store in Lefkoşe with the opening ceremony held on June 23rd, Tuesday with the participation of a large crowd of guests.

Bringing comfort, functionality and aesthetics together in its designs, Doğtaş opened its new Exclusive store at Lefkoşe, on Şehit Hikmet Revan St., No:4. The opening ceremony of Doğtaş Exclusive Lefkoşe store was held with the participation of TRNC's Speaker of the Parliament, Dr. Hasan Bozer; Doğtaş CEO, Haluk Özmutlu; Doğtaş Business Development, Ali Rıza Çelik; and Doğtaş officials, as well as many other notable guests.Doğtaş CEO, Haluk Özmutlu touched upon recent developments about Doğtaş in his opening speech, noting that “We are expanding our family with the new Exclusive stores we have been opening up, both in Turkey and around the world. We will continue to make progress on our growth strategy by opening new stores in 2013 to meet our annual growth target of 30%.”.Doğtaş continues to be the brand of choice thanks to its original designs, wide product portfolio, modern approach and high-quality products.

Doğtaş ranks among the most successful exporters again!


Successful Exporters Awards” ceremony, organized by İstanbul Exporters' Union, was held at Cemile Sultan Woods, on the night of July 18th. The most successful exporters in the furniture industry were announced in the ceremony and Doğtaş Mobilya won the awards this year again. At the annual awards ceremony organized by İstanbul Exporters' Union, where successful exporters were recognized for their achievements, Doğtaş took its place among the most successful exporters. The award was presented by the Minister of Economy, Zafer Çağlayan to Doğanlar Holding Board Member and Furniture Group President, İsmail Doğan. Upon receiving the award, İsmail Doğan noted that “exporting to 65 countries, Doğtaş is a widely admired brand in the industry, with its significant investments in recent years, as well as its pioneering applications, specially designed products and innovative retail approach, consolidating its status and success in the industry with the awards it has won. Our goal is to ensure Doğtaş becomes a leading global brand.”