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Sitting Set
  Doğtaş's understanding of Sitting Sets can be explained through the concepts of original design, ample choices, modern lines, and superior quality.
In parallel to these principles, the innovativeness that will provide the consumers with benefits making difference in comfort, health, and functionality.


Doğtaş Sitting Sets have almost 70 model options. This portfolio is enriched with about 10 new models in line with the trends of the year.

Doğtaş Customers can design thousands of fabric combinations with over hundred fabrics for the sitting sets they have chosen; moreover, they can see this combination instantly at the store thanks to fabric design program.

Doğtaş has achieved many firsts in the furniture sector which will provide the consumers with benefit:

The superior antibacterial fabrics produced with nanotechnology have been used in numerous Doğtaş models for more than 3 years and won great recognition.

In the sitting sets, the visco-sponge models, a first again, and the alternatives produced of goose feathers are revolutionary.

Numerous surprises included in our collection have already started to make an impact.

Instead of minding a certain target group, Doğtaş Mobilya produces products for every budget and every taste.

In Doğtaş products, a modern and contemporary design understanding has been adopted.

Dining Room and Bedroom
  As is known, the biggest specialty of Doğtaş Mobilya since its foundation is the Panel Group including such products as Dining Room, Bed Room and Teen Room. In our day, Doğtaş Mobilya has become one of leading brands furthering the said product gamut in Turkey and combining the highest technology with select designs.



Doğtaş Mobilya does not stand out in recent years as the organization offering numerous options in Dining Room and Bedroom models under the same roof but also considers different budgets as well as different tastes while creating the product spectrum.

Doğtaş is the leader in the Dining Room and Bedroom area for design, raw material, furniture color, mechanism, module accessories and production system as well. The latest example is seen in the Exclusive Series offered in the year 2007. Doğtaş trust in the quality of this series impressive for the original and modern line of its design so much that it gives 7-YEAR WARRANTY FOR THE EXCLUSIVE SERIES PRODUCTS, achieving a first again.

Doğtaş Next Generation’s Room
Regardless of whether she/he is just 5-year old or a university student, Doğtaş Next Generation’s Room models include definitely a product the son/daughter of the house will like. Doğtaş Next Generation’s Rooms have been prepared considering the needs, safety, and tastes of our children from different age groups. Doğtaş that knows that the Kid’s Rooms and Teen Rooms are their world produces furniture alternatives that will reflect the dreams of each one of them and fill their lives with peace. .


Doğtaş producing the Spiderman (Marvel) and Bratz (MGA) products under license through the international agreements made has offered these models that are first in Turkey and the World to consumers. Besides, Doğtaş Next Generation’s Room is one of two Turkish firms entitled to GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit) Quality Certificate given only to the products meeting the high safety and quality standards. According to GS that is the top level product safety and quality certificate a brand can acquire, the products bearing this mark (anti-carcinogen, antibacterial, and antiallergenic) never endangers human health.

The most important:
The Teen Rooms are warranted for 7 years!
Doğtaş Bed
Doğtaş that has transferred its years of experience in the furniture area to bed area brings numerous revolutionary features that are also unique in the world in its beds.

The beds produced with advanced techniques and materials such as Bonnel and Pocket Spring Systems, Visco, Latex, and goose feather are the harbinger of a long-running development in the bed sector of our country.


In parallel to the information acquired through long-standing researches and test works made to achieve hygiene and maximum comfort, in the year 2008 Doğtaş Bed Collection was designed and the innovations not seen in our country previously were brought together in these models:

Each one for the first time in the sector:
  • Among the bed brands produced in Turkey, Doğtaş Bed has become the first producer entitled to CE Medical Certificate.
  • Eight superior fabrics produced using the Nanotechnology (antibacterial, antistatic, cashmere, fly-repellent, water-repellent, flower-scented, carbon, and eucalyptus) have been brought together in Doğtaş Bed Exclusive Series. .
  • Luxus produced using goose feather is under lifetime warranty (25 years).
  • Since the male and female bodies have different weights, the double-sided Premium has been produced.
  • The Love Bed Lovely that has an extremely different and special design is included in the Collection 2008.

Doğtaş that is one of the brands with the highest number of bed varieties has a bed for every consumer’s needs and budget absolutely.

In addition to all our bed models, with numerous bed base and headboard varieties, Doğtaş offers all furniture to complete the bedrooms to consumers.