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Visco Sihir

Sensitive Series

Preferred by those who want a magic bed...

  • It is a Visco sponge bed without spring.
  • Your bed that takes the shape of your body thanks to Visco sponge used for the ergonomics of your body is designed specially to let you sleep of the clouds.
  • Since you will sleep comfortably with Visco Sihir whiteout feeling any urge to toss and turn, now you can start the day energetically after a sufficient sleep.
  • It is antibacterial (Sanitized®), and eliminates the odors, ugly appearances caused by the microorganisms.


Moreover it prolongs the service life of the fabric by eliminating the molds and fungi causing the fabric to corrode.

  • Additionally, your safety is also ensured thanks to this nonflammable fabric.
  • The special knitted fabric used in the sheath of your bed has been quilted specially using fiber.
  • You can wash the sheath of your Visco Sihir Bed in the washing machine at 30°C, or have it dry-cleaned.
  • It is 19 cm high.
  • The filler is warranted for 3 years, and the sponge for 10 years.