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Trio with Bed

Fiyatlar 9 Şubat 2015 tarihine kadar geçerlidir. Doğtaş önceden belirtmeksizin ürünlerde ve fiyatlarda değişiklik yapma hakkına sahiptir.


Living-Room Suite

Trend Collectıon

Just a sofa suite? Never...

  • An option providing rich usage alternatives with original module options designed in harmony
  • A design combinable with different winged chair alternatives, enabling to generate numerous decoration choices
  • The trio that can be transformed into a comfortable bed by unfolding easily thanks to the mechanism used in the backrest and used in stages as two standalone units
  • Use of patex system enabling to dis/mantle arm cushions and enlarge the bed more
  • High, chromium legs that is a stylish design element magnifying the area