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Fiyatlar 31 Mart 2015 tarihine kadar geçerli olup; net % 25 indirim yapılmış şekilde yer almaktadır. Doğtaş önceden belirtmeksizin ürün ve fiyatlarda değişiklik yapma hakkına sahiptir.


TV Unit

Exclusıve Desıgn

  • A Doğtaş Exclusive Series design
  • 7-year warranty for the first time in the sector
  • One more first by Doğtaş: Display/TV unit and console the color of which can be changed remotely. Privilege of customizing the space according to the atmosphere through such features as lighting in 7 different colors, increasing or decreasing the lighting level, moving or fixing optionally, changing the speed of movement
  • Use of white laminated and high gloss black materials
  • Enables to create a larger wall unit by adding china cabinet near the TV stand
  • Stop system that can prevent collision and noise on all rails and hinges